Vader's Castle Lamp - StarWars

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Happy Halloween! At MiniWorld3D we celebrate this year with a model inspired by Darth Vader's Castle as it appeared in Rogue One - A Star Wars Story! This is where Director Krennic visits Vader during the movie.Located in the volcanic planet of Mustafar, Vader resided in this fortress, said to be built on an ancient Sith temple. (From Wookipedia There are two versions of this model: the full landscape with the castle; and the lamp, which can be printed in parts so no support is required and uses any source of light such as LED tealights! MiniWorld3D is happy to bring this model to you, we are the collection of 3D printed landmarks and models of the real AND SCI-FI world! All our models are made from scratch by hand and brain, please give credit to all authors.      Star Wars and all of its affiliated properties remain the intellectual property of Lucasfilm Ltd. under Disney. This model is a non-profit, fan work inspired and based on the appearances on screen and art by Matt Allsopp. You are forbidden from selling this 3D digital file or physical print.

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