Prague the Pirate City

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Prague, the city of a thousand spires. Printed on the Prusa i3 Mk3. Prusa building included. Seemed appropriate to print the building, that the printer was originally printed in, on a printer from that building. Inspired by the Mortal Engine book/movie concepts. Disclaimer. I just eyeballed scale, used only photo reference, and have never been to Prague... and only assume they are pirates! Assembly Instructions Largest part size 216,168,92 mm This is a hard print. Reduce the file size at your own risk. I suggest not using supports on: PragueTop.stl PragueBottomBase.stl PragueGrinder.stl PragueBottomBrace.stl PragueTreadsx2.stl Supports needed for the following: PragueGrinderConnect.stl PragueHarpoons.stl PragueBottomFront.stl PragueBottomRearPipes.stl Let me know if you have any problems.    

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