N-Scale Waffle House

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Here is my version of a Waffle House.  I model N scale so to print scale to 25.4 NOTE REV1 files require no scaling. I included an interior, but for anything other than N scale it would lack detail you might need. My Interiors are designed to have a paper image attached the fixture for the details. Access holes include for lighting. Sand to exact fit. Building: To get the most detail print with your lower layer height, slower speed down and 100% fill for detail ( N scale mainly ) Most Importantly PRINT UPSIDE DOWN, no supports needed. Base/Interior: Detail was designed for n scale so it is lacking if scaled above N. Because of this detail printing can be done at average height, average speed, average fill. Roof: Average height, average speed, average fill Windows/Doors: Lower height, slower speed, 100% fill for detail. Bend at joints, glue to building Sign: average speed, average fill print 2, glue back to back

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