N Scale Santa Barbara Train Station

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Here is my version of the Santa Barbara Train Station in N scale (1/160). This is in a model kit form so that it can be painted with more detail. Some parts may need sanding or filing for that perfect fit. NO SUPPORTS NEEDED. Please read instructions for each file to print reliably. Printed at normal setting, no supports needed. For smaller printers utilize the “SPLIT” duplicate files for the large pieces, all other files should print on any printer.   Main Building- Print Upright. All doorways have a thin 3mm initial layer for easy printing. Remove these as they are used only for printing. Uprights supporting the upper level span can be removed also.  Baggage- Print upside down. This has a thin 3mm tree around the outside of the overhang supports for easy printing. Remove these as they are used only for printing.  Flat Roof- Print flat. Carefully and lighly sand, test fit into to pillars, repeat until perfect fit.  Main Roof- Print flat, overhangs are a bit rough but hardly seen once built. Snaps on Main Building.  Baggage Roof- Print flat, align and glue to top of baggage building.  Pillars- Print upside down. The pillars have a this 3mm initial layer for easy printing connecting the two side on one end, around the thin bar sections. Remove these as they are only used for printing. This also has a thin layer that is supporting 4 small uprights ( At the outcrop). That layer and the 4 small uprights need to be removed for the Flat roof to slide in. Once removed file or sand that area flat. Flat Roof fit on ledge under th top plate of the Pillars. Entire roof will need light sanding to make a perfect fit. Sand lightly, test fit, repeat until perfect.  Pillar Details- Print flat. These also have the thin 3mm initial layer around the connecting the two pieces for easy printing. Remove these also. Attach to Pillars at thin bars.  Some sanding required for perfect fits.  Standard Windows- Print flat. These have a thin 3mm layer between them and can be cut easily.  Other Windows and Doors- Print flat. These have a thin 3mm layer between them that can be cut easily.  Split Flat Roof (Use if standard Flat Roof file won’t fit your printer)- Print flat.  Split Pillars (Use if standard Pillars file won’t fit on your printer.- Print upside down.

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